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For our founding attorney Charles “Charlie” Thurston, law was not a first career.  Before going to law school, Mr. Thurston spent over twenty years working for you at the United States Department of Labor in Washington, D.C.  During Mr. Thurston’s time at the Department of Labor, he gained a deep appreciation for the difficulties and injustices faced by average people just trying to make a living and surviving the realities of day-to-day life.  Often, Mr. Thurston reported feeling helpless to make a real difference in these peoples’ lives as he observed close up that the complexity of our laws frequently denied them the very justice it was intended to provide.
In 2000, after a long and distinguished career as a civil servant, Mr. Thurston decided that if he ever wanted to make a real difference, the time was now or never.  So with the support of his wife, Kathy, Mr. Thurston went back to school and got his Law Degree from Barry University School of Law in Orlando, Florida.
While in his last year of law school, Mr. Thurston became a Florida Supreme Court Certified Legal Intern and spent a semester honing his legal skills while working at Brevard County Legal Aid, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing skilled legal services to the least affluent among us.  
Shortly after graduating, Mr. Thurston was offered a fulltime staff attorney position with Brevard County Legal Aid and has worked there in one fashion or another ever since.
During his tenure at Legal Aid, Mr. Thurston independently handled over 500 cases in numerous areas of the law including immigration, social security (SSDI and SSI), adoption, landlord/tenant, consumer, foreclosure, appellate, domestic violence, family (including divorce and custody matters), probate, juvenile dependency and delinquency, and criminal defense.
In 2007, with the help of a grant from the Florida Bar Foundation, Mr. Thurston founded Brevard County Legal Aid’s first ever children’s program with a primary goal of helping the county’s foster children attain independence and self-sufficiency through higher education and skills training.  To date, Mr. Thurston or “lawyer Charlie” as many of his young clients’ have nicknamed him and with help from his dedicated paralegal, Silvia, has represented over 400 children in juvenile dependency and delinquency court.
In 2012, out of a strong desire to provide legal services to people in areas of the law where Brevard County Legal Aid was prohibited or simply not staffed to perform, Mr. Thurston made the decision to open his own practice.  Now, free of many of the restraints imposed on Legal Aid organizations, Mr. Thurston hopes and intends to provide quality legal services to many individuals he has so often had to turn away while working fulltime for Legal Aid.
And, as for the foster care children to whom Mr. Thurston has become so devoted, through a cooperative agreement worked out with Brevard County Legal Aid's Board and Management, and the Brevard County Juvenile Courts, Mr. Thurston plans to continue working part of his time with Brevard County Legal Aid representing as many of these deserving young clients as he possibly can.