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Areas of Law in Which We Practice
   We focus primarily on the following areas of law:
Includes obtaining and retaining permission to enter and remain in the United States including, but not limited to, such matters as visas, changes in immigration status, deportation defense, naturalization, and representation of clients before courts and governmental agencies, and protection of aliens’ rights.
Includes all legal aspects of adoption from voluntarily terminating the parental rights of the birth parents to navigating the court proceedings associated with arranging a forever home for a deserving child with a loving adoptive parent or parents.
Probate: Wills, Trusts, & Estates
Includes legal services dealing with all aspects of the analysis and planning for the conservation and disposition of estates.  The preparation of trust planning, guardianships, custodianships, and conservatorships; and the litigation of such matters.  Note:  estate and gift tax matters, both federal and state, are included in taxation rather than here. 
Landlord/Tenant Law
Whether landlord or tenant, this area of the law is complex and fraught with loopholes and includes such things as: lease enforcement, security deposit disputes, evictions, personal and real property damage, violation of building code and habitability laws, determining who is a tenant and who is a guest, mobile home park rules, and removal of vicious or inherently dangerous animals.
Social Security Disability Claims Processing and Advocacy
Includes all aspects of preparing, presenting and advocating disability claims before the Social Security Administration and or Federal Courts such as: preparation and filing of initial disability application, requests for reconsideration, requests for an administrative hearings, appeals council proceedings, administrative law  appeals, and  SSDI federal court appeals.
   We also enjoy taking cases in:
Personal Bankruptcy -Chapters 7 & 13
Includes all aspects of the federal bankruptcy law, including, but not limited to, personal bankruptcy; state insolvency laws; attachment, garnishment, replevin and repossession proceedings.  This category includes litigation of such matters.
Includes all aspects of foreclosure and pre-foreclosure defense and assistance such as: loan modifications, short sales negotiations, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure and other government sponsored programs to help the consumer stay in their home or mitigate the damages associated with foreclosure.
Civil/Commercial Litigation
Includes all aspects of civil trial practices in state and federal trial courts without regard to subject matter of the triable issues except Personal Injury-Property Damage, Antitrust/Trade, Real-Estate, Labor Relations, ERISA/Employee Benefits, and taxation categories.